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Find the right service, with specialized personnel

Receiving an accurate diagnosis can be one of the most shocking experiences you can have. We can help you get it. 

In order to be seen by your primary care provider, you must schedule an appointment in advance. If you need immediate care, the walk-in clinic has family practice providers available on a walk-in basis. For more information call (305)-549-5348. 

No. Energy Medical Center accepts most insurance plans. In case you do not have insurance we have an internal insurance plan called Energy Gold Card, which allows you to pay a membership of only $10 dollars a month and you can get any service of the clinic with up to

50% OFF.


If you select our plan, the first appointment is free, for any questions call (305)-549-5348. 

At Energy Medical Center we have weight loss programs at the best price, call us at (305)-549-5348 and receive a 10% off using the code(EMC) 

At Energy Medical Center we have specialists and perform most services in the clinic for your convenience. 

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